Creative Aerial Video Unleashed - Show Notes

Creative Aerial Video Unleashed

Saturday Jan 10, 2015 (00:04:00)


When I was a kid you could buy an RC helicopter. With a great deal of patience and a lot of money to replace shattered rotor blades, you could probably acquire the skill to fly it. Flying one was dangerous because of the fast spinny things on top and the leaded gasoline required by the little engine. Obviously such a "toy" required attentive adult supervision.

Oh brother have times have changed! Today low altitude flight is dominated by small drones that, in some cases, literally fly themselves. The AirDog is just such a device. The AirDog is tethered to it's "pilot" by a controller wristband the company calls AirLeash. The aerial vehicle positions itself relative to the wristband based on parameters entered into the controller, such as height and distance. Max speed is about 45MPH and max distance is about 1000 feet.

Last but not least, the AirDog is designed to accept either a GoPro or Sony Action Cam. Now you can be the pilot, cameraman and star of your own action movie!

AirDog is taking pre-orders at about $1,300, but the product will be generally available for around $1,500 later in 2015.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central of the Tech Podcast Network.

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