Power Your Devices with Hydrogen [Live] - Show Notes

Power Your Devices with Hydrogen [Live]

Saturday Jan 10, 2015 (00:09:06)


Portable batteries are all over CES ever year, but they have one major drawback: what do you do if the battery is dead? You have to find an outlet or some other way to charge the battery back up. But what if you could have the power you need without the need to charge the device?

Intelligent Energy has a product especially for that - Upp. The product is a hydrogen fuel cell, using a micro generator to produce power using reusable fuel cartridges. A single cartridge can charge a phone up to five times, and has a shelf life of nine years. Because of the shelf life, this is a perfect product for getting ready for emergencies.

The Upp is available in the UK for £149, which includes a single cartridge. Additional cartridges are £49 and recharges are £5.95. The Upp will launch in the US later in the year.

Interview by Jamie Davis, The Podmedic and Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the Tech Podcast Network.

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