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Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


CES is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years - the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts the world's business leaders and pioneering thinkers.

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It is our 2 hour Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 recap show. We will be discussing all of the exciting announcements from this year's event in Las Vegas!

Presentation Notes

Cnet - Best of CES

Best of CES logo
  • Digital Photo & Video
    • Casio Exilim EX-FH100
    • Sony SDSC-HX5V
    • Eye-FI Pro X2 (winner)
  • Car Tech & GPS
    • Alpine IDA-X305S
    • Pioneer AVIC-X920BT
    • Ford MyFord Touch (winner)
  • Cell Phone & Smartphone
    • Motorola Backflip (winner)
    • Sonim XP3.2 Quest Pro
    • LG Lotus Elite
  • Computers & Hardware
    • Lenovo IdeoPad U1 Hybrid (winner)
    • Intel Wireless Display
    • Sony Vaio W green notebook
  • Gaming
    • Nyko Wand +
    • Dell Alienware M11x (winner)
    • Razer Sixense controller
  • Green
    • Tenrehte Technologies icowatt Wi-Fi smart plug (winner)
    • Sonal Power International FreeLoader Pro
    • Control4 EMS 100
  • Home Theatre
    • LG BD590 (winner)
    • Panasonic DMP-BDT350
    • D-Link Boxee Box
  • MP3 & Video Players
    • Samsung W1 MyFit
    • Valups Tivit (winner)
    • Entourage Edge
  • Televisions
    • Panasonic VT25 series (winner)
    • Toshiba CELL TV
    • LG LE9500 series
  • Peoples' Voice
    • Intel Wireless Display (winner)
  • Best of CES 2010
    • Panasonic VT25 series (winner)


Ford logo

Alan Mulally, CEO

  • Goal - 1 million Sync vehicles on the road by the start of 2010
    • Reality - hit that by May of 2009
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid - 41 MPG
    • Smart Gauge - Coaches you to be more fuel efficient driver
  • Ford Sync
    • 32% said Sync was a major player in their decision to buy
    • 77% would recommend to a friend
    • 63% use voice command
    • Partnership with Best Buy and Geek Squad for training and support
    • Helped increase Ford brand in consumers' minds
    • Won several CES Innovations awards

Derrick Kuzak, Global Product Development Chief

  • Signature Technologies
    • Active Park Assist
      • First intuitive solution
      • Works with the driver based on their driving norms
    • Cross Traffic Alerts
      • Radar-based guidance for lane changing and backing into traffic
    • EcoBoost
      • Increased fuel efficiency and performance
      • Popular mechanics Breakthrough Award
    • Sync in-car connectivity
      • Traffic, direction and information
      • 911 assist
      • Vehicle health report
      • Turns off touch screen while driving - only voice
  • Virttex
    • Virtual test environment
    • 2,000 participants have driven 30,000 virtual miles to test
    • Fits entire car
    • Replicates common driving distractions and environments
  • Developer Toolkit to allow more people to write apps
    • Cloud interaction
      • ie - if all of the cars in an area turn on their wipers, Sync could warn people around that rain is coming
  • Driver-connect technology - called myford
    • Integration of the entire in-car experience that is simpler, safer and smarter
    • Connect with friends and family using voice control through the cloud
    • Make reservations, listen to RSS feeds, etc

Jim Buczkowski, Director of Electrical and Electronics Systems Engineering

  • The new myford interface involved a large amount of research from consumers, pilots, developers, the creators of the mouse, etc
    • Created the Ford Five Guidelines
      • 5-way Controllers
      • LCD Screens
      • Color Conveys Functionality
      • Logically Organized Information
      • Relevant Information
  • Nuance team made the voice recognition system easier to use, quicker and more reliable
    • More conversational
    • More voice controls including climate control, navigation, phone, radio, etc
    • Within 3 commands, learn the users inflection or accent
  • Within 5 years, 80% of vehicles will have the technology

Jason Johnson, User Interface Director

  • Dual analog sticks on the steering wheel
  • 4 corners indicate the 4 primary features
    • Each has a distinct color
  • No mechanical switches, all touch on the center panel
  • 2 usb, cd slot and RCA jacks
  • Ambient light color controls

Doug VanDagens, Director of Connected Services

  • TDI - free for the first 3 years
    • Movie listings, stock quotes, etc all available through the Ford Delivery System
    • 14 million POI listings (holy crap)
    • TDI takes the POI and pushes it to the premium GPS
    • Send to Sync on MapQuest
      • Finally a reason to use MapQuest again
  • Built-in WiFi
    • Not 100% sure how useful that is
    • Accepts sprint MyFi card, though, so exciting
  • Music tagging for an iPod
  • Sirius Replay (maybe?)
  • Full Bluetooth text pulling

Julius Marshwiki, Product Developer

  • Pandora, Stitcher, Twitter
    • Can be controlled with voice
    • Works seamlessly with the apps already on your phone
      • Pretty cool idea, no need for another app purchase
  • API
    • Gives developers the ability to access car stats (mileage app)
    • Truly anything is possible

Alan Mulally again

  • It is all about minimizing distractions to the driver


Intel logo

Paul Otellini, President and CEO

  • The original 4004 processor had 2251 transistors, the new ones have over 1 billion
  • If car parts went the way processors do, cars would go 470,000 MPH, get 100,000 MPG and cost $0.03
  • 32nm microprocessor
  • HDTV sales have doubled from 2007-2009
  • Bacon is a cure for cancer - it's pretty obvious
  • 2010 - 50 3D movies vs 20 in 2009
  • Intel's goal is to make computing seamless for you
  • Shrek 4 takes 9x more compute cycles than Shrek 1 even with faster processors

David ????

  • Shows off some 3D editing capabilities on the Core i7
    • Essentially editing 2 HD videos at the same time in real time without failing
    • Alienware desktop with Intel Core i7 Extreme
    • 3D TV
    • 3D glasses
    • Stereo camera
    • Every edit to the video is done to every frame and is done with a live preview, there is no wait to render first.

Paul Otellini again

  • LightPeak
    • Transfers data at 10GBps
    • You can download an entire Blu-ray in 30 secs
    • Could replace all cables everywhere
    • Sony & Nokia will support it
    • Makes USB 3.0 look like a kids toy
    • PCs will have this about one year from now
  • Intel Wireless Display - WiDi
    • Uses wireless network to transfer right to your tv
    • Core i5 laptops will come standard
      • Best Buy has 3 of them in stock now
    • Eliminates long VGA cables
    • $100 adapter box to connect to your TV with one touch connection to your computer. Available at best buy next week
  • TurboBoost
    • Gives better performance when you need it and better power management when you don't
    • Core i5 overclocked to over 7GHz - new record
    • Allows for built-in card to run WoW at full display mode without a discreet card
  • Smart TVs
    • Show and predict content from anywhere.
    • Advanced search feature.
    • Gesture recognition.
    • System on Chips (SOCs) are being built around the Atom core to help bring TVs new interfaces and helping to make them smart.
    • IP TV is one such interface that can download streams of your choice into "the cloud" and hold them for up to a week.

Craig ????

  • TVs
    • Live stream previews on the guide for multiple channels
    • Built-in storage
    • All supported by Orange (IPTV)
  • Home Energy Management Dashboard
    • Control energy usage for all devices in the house
    • Communicates with the power company to see the cost
    • Full PC running an Atom processor
    • Can leave video messages for the family
    • See all devices on the grid
    • Open application system
      • Track a package with UPS or look up a phone number
    • Get suggestions on how to make the product perform better
    • Allows you to power down devices when you leave the house

Paul Otellini 3.0

  • Atom
    • Created the netbook category
    • Originally designed for schools, but has shipped over 40 million units
    • New version
      • Better performance
      • 20% better power management
      • Graphics and power management on the processor
    • Atom Developers Program
      • Allow developers to make special apps for netbooks
      • AppUp Center
        • One-stop location for users to find applications for netbooks

Peter ????

  • Creates the ability to allow the developer to know what it is running on, so the Internet can act differently on a netbook in a coffee shop compared to a server in a data center
  • intelappup.com
    • VERY beta
  • AppUp is NOT a website, but an application designed for the netbook
  • Acer, Asus, Dell & Samsung will all have AppUp stores for their platforms

Paul Otellini 4.0

  • AppUp will expand to all Intel-based products in the future
    • PCs, Notebooks, smart phones and TVs
  • Smart Phones
    • New Atom-based smart phone platform
      • Moore's Town (Moore's law - ha)

Diana ????

  • Moore's Town
    • Demonstration of a 3-point video conference on a phone from Vidyo
    • Demonstration of a new phone from LG built on the new architecture
      • 5" HD multi-touch screen
      • Not just multi-threaded, but you can run 2 apps on the screen at once
    • OpenPeak touch tablet/home phone
      • Very interesting idea

Paul Otellini 5.0

  • Canadians like heavy stones and Brian Adams music in the future
  • 10 billion embedded processors shipped in 2009

Katie ????

  • Digital Signage
    • Demonstration of a dual-touchscreen
      • Glass holographic screen
        • Points out items that you can see on the other side of the glass
        • Everything is based on your height and gender


Microsoft logo

Steve Balmer, President and CEO

  • Bing will become the default search engine and MSN the default homepage on HP machines
  • Automotive
    • Ford Sync
      • New look, new feel
    • Fiat
      • Blue & Me and EcoDrive - 1 million cars sold with the software installed
    • Kia
      • UVO - communication and entertainment system
        • Speech recognition
        • Natural user interface
  • Zune
    • Streaming to Xbox
    • Soon to be expanded to other devices
  • Windows mobile
    • 6.5 changed the game
    • T-Mobile HD2 has a badass screen
  • Windows 7
    • Makes the system faster, sleeker and more energy efficient
    • Unprecedented effort
    • 3,000 Microsoft engineers
    • 50,000 partners
    • 8,000,000 beta testers
    • Windows system sales went up 50% the week Win7 launched
    • Fastest selling OS in history
    • 94% satisfaction rate among early adopters
    • Original Gartner estimate - 2% drop in sales; final is 3% up; 2010 = 12% up
    • 800,000 unique applications developed to take advantage of Win7 additions

Ryan Asdorian, Windows Team

  • All in ones
    • More style, take up less space
    • Sony Vaio L
      • 24" HD Screen
      • Blu-ray drive
      • Full touch capable
  • Lightweights
    • Dell Adomo XPS
      • Thinner than 4 poker chips
      • Almost immediate wake up from sleep
  • Asus NX90
    • David Lewis design
    • Bangen Olefson speakers
  • Netbooks
    • Lots of styles and colors to choose from
    • Full version of Win7
  • Gaming
    • HP NV15
      • 1GB DirectX card
    • Asus G51
      • Intel Core i7-720QM (1.6GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 6MB Cache)
      • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M 1GB GDDR3 memory
      • 3D gaming
  • Living Room PCs
    • Acer Aspire Revo
    • Dell Zeno HD
    • Small enough to hide behind a TV
  • Bleo eBook reader
    • Over 1 million books
    • Interactive books & text books
    • Text books allow for some quizzing, studying and highlighting
    • Can be read to you
  • Office 2010
    • Share files and collaborate live without overwriting
    • Two people can work in a single file at the same time, see changes and let Windows Live merge the files together
  • Windows Media Center
    • Allows for front ends for internet video providers
  • Microsoft MediaRoom
    • Allows for paid video content such as AT&T uVerse
    • Also available on WinMo phones & Xbox 360
  • Slate PCs
    • Like the rumored Apple Tablet, but runs Windows 7
    • Slate PC + Kindle = best eBook reader EVER

Robbie Bach, President of Entertainment and Devices

  • Talked about some new games
  • Made a big deal about Alan Wake
    • Seem afraid of losing their asses on this one
    • Episodic releases
  • Halo Reach
    • Tells the story before original Halo
    • Multiplayer Beta available to Halo 3 ODST owners
  • 200 million unique avatar outfits
  • 100 million songs downloaded for rhythm games
  • Retro Game Room
    • 30 arcade classics
    • Expands to over 1,000 in first 3 years
    • Buy them once and play on both PC and 360 with the same achievements and leaderboards
    • Invite friends to your arcade to play
  • Project Natal
    • No real new information except for a holiday 2010 release


Palm logo

Jon Rubenstein, CEO

  • webOS
    • 85,000 SDK downloads
    • 108 countries
    • 20,000 Aries registrations
  • Pixi
    • Lightest, thinnest full QWERTY touchscreen smartphone on the market
    • Interchangeable artistic, limited edition back covers (all touchstone capable)
  • Pre
    • Available in 7 countries
    • Has really introduced the European market to mobile Internet
    • SFR, France

Katie Mitic, Senior VP of Product Marketing

  • Developer program
    • Fully open as of now
    • Fast and easy development
    • Integration
    • Choice to market
      • New web-based access to the app catalog
      • Build directories, tweet apps
      • ie - project appetite
    • Over 1000 applications
    • Project Aries
      • Browser-based development environment
    • Hot Apps Bonus Program
      • $1 million in incentives to the top apps from feb through may
    • webOS plug-in development kit
      • allows for c++, etc programmability in apps
      • 3D programming ability

Travis Boatman, VP Worldwide Studios, EA Mobile

  • Sims 3
    • Looks exactly like Sims 3 on PC
    • Zoom levels work the same
    • World looks identical
  • Need for Speed
    • Garage, paint colors, etc from console game work the same
    • Accelerometer controlled

Paul Cousineau, Director of Product Marketing

  • Video recording
    • About damn time
    • Timeline-based video editing
    • YouTube, Facebook, email and MMS options
    • Available Feb.
  • Integration
    • Games pause when leaving the app
    • FLASH 10!
      • Available soon from the app catalog
  • Over 9 OTA updates since June

Jon Rubenstein again

  • Pre Plus
    • Moved the navigation button
      • Where the hell did the nav button go?
    • 16GB internal memory
    • Touchstone capable out of box
  • Pixi Plus
    • WiFi
    • Personalize with colors
  • Plus devices will be Verizon exclusives
    • Jan 25th release
  • Palm Mobile Hotspot
    • MyFi via the phone
    • Plus only (for now)


Qualcomm logo

Dr. Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm CEO

  • CDMA
    • Allowed licensing to almost anyone who wanted to use it
    • 170+ companies using 3G CDMA
    • 1998 was the first CDMA smartphone built on Palm
    • 900+ million 3D subscribers
    • More phones than computers in 2011
    • Most widespread platform ever

Peter Chow, HTC CEO

  • HTC Smart
    • Uses Qualcomm Brew Mobile Platform
      • Allows for software and hardware to make the phones cheaper to produce
    • Built around HTC Sense
      • All about you at the center
      • Different interfaces for different part of your life
      • MotoBlur-style communications
    • The black looks like a Centro, the front looks like a Diamond

Paul Jacobs again

  • SnapDragon
    • Ability to keep constant access to the Internet
    • Gives the ability to have "Smart Books"
      • Constant connect netbooks
    • Non-power hungry mobile processor

Yuanquig Yang, Lenovo CEO

  • Le Phone
    • First Lenovo smart phone
    • Seems like a mini PC
  • SkyLight
    • World's first Smart Book
    • All-day battery
    • Designed specifically for Internet use
    • HD-quality screen
    • Fully integrated 3G data and Bluetooth
    • Seemingly NOT Windows or Linux based
    • Annoyingly glossy screen

Todd Bradley, Executive VP of HP Personal Systems Group

  • New Netbook
    • Android
    • 3G snapdragon
    • Close the lid and don't lose connectivity
    • It is a big android phone
    • Touchscreen!
    • Tabbed browsing

Paul Jacobs 3.0

  • Education
    • Project K-nect
      • Gave 150 high school students always on, always connected wireless devices
      • Compared the algebra proficiency between two classes by the same teacher
      • 30% improvement in the Internet class compared to the other
      • Going to expand the program to other schools in 2010
    • Adding 3 more projects in 2010 to expand wireless in education
    • Mirasol display technology
      • Makes colors based on interference like the coloring of a butterfly
      • Allows for indoor and outdoor display in full color
      • Hoping to commercialize late 2010

Dr. Eric Topol, Chief Medical Officer, Scripps Health

  • Wireless technology in fitness and health
    • Started with the Nike+iPod
    • Philips wireless accelerometer
      • Keeps track of steps to help you find out how much you need to do to make you healthier
    • Zeo
      • Tracks your sleep phases
      • Know how restful your sleep is
    • Track vital signs in a hospital via an iPhone from anywhere in the world
    • Piix
      • Wireless heart monitor
      • Help monitor someone who has had heart failure
      • $37 billion cost in hospitalized heart failure
    • GE V-scan
      • #14 Best Invention of the Year - Time Magazine
      • Replacing the stethoscope
      • Echo machine
      • The previous echoes cost about $300k
      • This is the size of the PDC (original Qualcomm smart phone)
      • Essentially a micro ultrasound
      • Pretty badass little device

Tony Tsao, President & CEO of D-Link

  • Connected Home
    • Nstream
      • Wireless transfer of HD quality video to multiple devices at once
      • D-Link Rush
        • Creepy looking collection of devices
        • Base looks like it would kill you if you get too close
        • Allows you to put the TV anywhere, not just where the cable company put your cable jack
        • Seems like a lot of work to accomplish something that is already in existence
        • Might as well get a Roku or a Boxee Box

Paul Jacobs 5.0

  • FloTV
    • We know all about it
    • Audiovox to expand FloTV to portable DVD players
    • Soon to be available on the iPhone and iPod Touch
    • OnDemand coming
    • Adding a lot of new sports programming (3000+ hours of sports programming)

James "JB" Brown, CBS-TV Sportscaster

  • This is a must-have device for any sports fan
  • Gave away 300 FloTV devices


Sony logo

Sir Howard Stringer, CEO Sony

  • Jimi Hendrix catalog in 3D
  • Commitment to Live 3D events
  • Taylor Swift is new brand ambassador - "maybe you'll call us cool again."

Stan Laslow

  • make.believe - new philosophy on technology - yikes...
  • Bravia NX800 series
    • Monolithic design
    • viewing angle of 6 degree upward to allow for smaller stands
  • broadest Blu-ray lineup in the industry
    • 400 disc multi player
    • Cheap to ps3
    • Seems to be surprised by BD-Live's usefulness
  • Sony dash - "personal internet viewer"
    • Touch-screen widget player - welcome to 5 years ago

Kazuo Hirai, Sony Badass

  • Most successful season for PS3
    • 3.8 million units during 5 weeks after Thanksgiving
    • 1.7 million units were sold in the US
  • PSN
    • 780 million pieces sold worldwide
    • 5 million units of single layer DVDs per month
    • PSN everywhere goes live next month on any windows machine
  • Sony Network Entertainment
    • Responsible for PSN and other networked devices
    • Allows for a single user experience across all Sony devices

Stan Laslo again

  • Ebook readers
    • Wall street journal and Dow Jones subscriptions
      • Exclusive content about market watch before and after market
    • Only digital version of the New York Post
    • Financial Times
    • LA Times
    • Chicago Tribune
  • Digital imaging
    • Finally joining the rest of the industry and using SD
    • Handycam
      • Lots of new cameras from low-end to prosumer
      • Bloggie
        • Essentially a webbie, but even uglier
    • Cyber-shot
      • HX5
        • Hull HD 60i - first of its kind
        • GPS & compass technology
          • Allows you to geotag the image
      • TX7
        • Party shot
          • Allows for the camera to take its own candid photos at an event based on the face and smile detection already built into cameras
        • TransferJet
          • Wireless transfer between devices, probably just Sony stuff
          • Seems to be possibly inductive or possibly very low-level wireless
          • 40 companies have bought-in
          • Soon to be in Vaio computers and Sony photo frames
  • Vaio
    • 2016 - 30% energy reduction
    • W series
      • Green series
      • No printed user manual
      • Part of the body made of recycled CDs and DVDs
      • Ships in carrying case made of recycled plastic bottles
    • F series
      • Multimedia and gaming
      • 16x9 displays (some models)
      • Blu-ray playback
      • Intel quad-core
    • Z series
      • 3 pounds
      • Solid state drives
      • Blu-ray drives
      • HDMI output
      • Smart graphic sensing mode
        • Switches based on need between high and low power

Sir Howard Stringer again

  • Partnership with RealD for 3D technology
  • Discovery3D
  • Sony Pictures 3D Technology Center
    • Place for people to learn how to deal with 3D
  • Sony 3D Experience
    • Partnership with CBS to research 3D technology and usage
  • PGA & FIFA in 3D
  • ESPN 3D

Stan Laslo 3.0

  • Bravia 3D
    • Some with and some without glasses and transmitter
    • Gives customers the ability to choose whether they care
    • Upcoming OLED prototype
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