HP TouchPads on Sale for Developers (UPDATED)

HP TouchPads on Sale for Developers (UPDATED)

posted Saturday Nov 12, 2011 by Allante Sparks

HP TouchPads on Sale for Developers (UPDATED)

Update: From the Developer Program post, "We currently have more requests for coupons than we have devices and will not be accepting any further requests."

Ever since the HP firesale of the TouchPad, the $99 and $149 pricepoints have set the tablet world abuzz and people have been scrambling to try and get their hands on as many as possible. Regardless of HP's decision to now keep their PC business after deciding to spin it off not too long ago, the company promised a second round of TouchPads, likely clearing out their component inventory in their factories. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart and Best Buy got their hands on almost all of the initial secondary run and scooped them up, forcing you to buy a PC if you wanted a TouchPad.

While that might be a route you may want to take, some of us just want the tablet, and until now, you were out of luck. This week, developers get a little bit of a break.

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