Masquerade (FTC 4997) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2017 - FIRST Looks - Show Notes

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Masquerade (FTC 4997) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2017

Thursday Oct 19, 2017 (00:08:30)


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The more we learn about the Engineering and Robotics Program at Middleton High School in Tampa, Florida, the more we like it. Russell DeSousa, Head Designer for Masquerade (FIRST Tech Challenge 4997) and a Senior Mentor for the Middleton Robotics Club, stopped by to give us the inside scoop.

Middleton's STEM Programs include Engineering, Biomedical, Game Design and Digital Electronics. The engineering program is structured with engineering design the first year, which transitions students from traditional learning methods and helps them adapt to the learning style offered in the program. Through the next two years, the students take Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Digital Electronics and Principles of Engineering. Then in their senior year, they take Engineering Design & Development, which is a yearlong Capstone Project.

Russell feels that being involved in FIRST Robotics really enhances this curriculum because he can get out of an engineering class and put what he learns to practical use, sometimes almost immediately.

Check out Middleton Robotics Club here to learn more about their teams. And don't forget to visit their Facebook page.

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