Nerdvana (FRC 4769) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2016 - FIRST Looks - Show Notes

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Nerdvana (FRC 4769) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2016

Saturday Oct 8, 2016 (00:09:59)


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This past season was an interesting one for many FIRST Robotics Competition teams, mostly because FIRST Stronghold, this year's game, was very unique. A large variety of ways to score and a combination of finesse and brute force made Stronghold different from any game in recent memory. Some teams rose to the challenge and others struggled.

One of the teams that succeeded in Stronghold was FRC 4769 Nerdvana. Melody McGinness, a senior and team President, spoke with us about her team's great season, the team's history and her plans after FIRST. While she doesn't plan on pursuing an engineering degree, she does plan on staying within the STEAM realm. She plans on going into an art field, and has been inspired by her time doing design work for her team.

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