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Athletes Take Their Training to the Next Level with Vert

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:07:26)


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Today's athlete isn't just a naturally gifted human specimen getting by on talent alone. Lets face it, Babe Ruth would look pretty out of place in today's locker rooms. Instead, the modern athlete is both gifted and engineered, learning how to squeeze every ounce of effort out of their body.

That is where technology like Vert steps in. The on-the-rise wearable offers real-time analytics that can be not only displayed to give fans an in-depth look at an athletes performance, but that data can also be managed to prevent injuries. Specializing in jump technology, founder and president Martin Matak said at CES that the device is adding intensity measurements and that data is already being used to enhance viewing experience by putting the information up on jumbotrons while also being incorporated into broadcasts. Vert already has some key partners in the NBA's Miami Heat and USA Volleyball.

The device retails at $125 and has a free companion app. It is wireless and bluetooth enhanced, and those interested for more information on the broadcast side of things can visit MyVert online.

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