QNX's Infotainment Platform Lives in Over 40 Different Automakers - PLuGHiTz Live - Special Events - Show Notes

QNX's Infotainment Platform Lives in Over 40 Different Automakers

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:10:28)


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If you have driven an automobile, chances are you have used some of QNX's technology without even realizing it. However at CES the BlackBerry subsidiary had some much more visible features on display.

Not only does QNX provide software found in nearly all automobiles, but the its presence within an actual vehicle is growing. That fact was front and center in Las Vegas with a sleek-looking demo vehicle that showed off numerous components. That included a fully-loaded reference platform with such features as couch to destination navigation. Through this application, a user can start the navigation on their phone and get directions to their vehicle, where the nav will then jump directly into the car. And looking to make touch screens even safer and easier to use, the reference platform had the ability to play and pause music anywhere on the screen and integrated gestures to control the audio as well.

The cluster system certainly looked straight out of the future despite already being available for preview. Utilizing an augmented reality HUD, a driver can see their destination glowing green or floating street markers right on a windshield display. That also included custom navigation display and more information can be found at QNX's website.

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