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Guitar Lovers Everywhere are Going to Love Playing on the Jamstik

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:04:29)


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Whether you're just learning to play the guitar or you want to be able to record songs on the go, this is a product you won't be able to resist.

Jamstik is a portable, smart enabled digital guitar designed to teach you how to play, using an apps that provide interactive lessons. The built-in sensors track your finger movements with real time feedback to your tablet or computer. It's wireless technology makes learning the guitar portable and intuitive and features a real fret board and strings.

Not only is Jamstik the perfect guitar teacher, but it's great for seasoned players as well. Take it along with you anywhere to practice or record songs. It's lightweight, compact design makes it easily fit into any carry along bag so you always have it with you when inspiration strikes. Using a MIDI output, you can connect via USB, Bluetooth (+ model) and WiFi, the signal is put in the format of CORE-MIDI and is compatible with a variety of MIDI apps on iOS and PC devices.

The Jamstik is available now for $299. A variety of accessories are also available.

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