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The Most Convenient Thermometer for Your Family and Home

Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 (00:03:46)


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Let's face it, it's not always easy to take our little one's temperature, especially when they are sick. Trying to keep the thermometer in place for the specified amount of time with all of the squirming and fussiness can certainly be a trick.
Those worries are a thing of the past with Thermo. This smart thermometer not only makes taking their temperature as simple as hovering it over the child's forehead, it also sends the information directly to an app on your smartphone for easy tracking with a detailed chart that can also be sent straight to your doctor.

Of course Thermo is not only for kids. It's great for taking/tracking temperatures for adults as well and it's also perfect for that hopeful soon-to-be mother to track ovulation. And that's not all: Thermo can take the temperature of any object, such as food and water, as well as the ambient temperature in a room.

The phone app also keeps track of local hospitals and pharmacies, and in a pinch, can get you step by step directions via Google Maps. You'll also love the conversion rates, charts and alarm within the app.

Thermo is perfect for any household and will be available in the second quarter of 2016 on their website with an expected price of $59.

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