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Innovation Lab [Makerspace @ SPC] @ Pinellas Comic & Maker Con

Saturday Oct 17, 2015 (00:18:51)


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We like to end our coverage with the event director, and for Pinellas Comic and Maker Con that person is Chad Mairn. During the day he is a librarian for St. Petersburg College in Seminole and also runs the school's Innovation Lab. During his free time, though, he plans and builds incredible community events.

Last year, the event's initial year, he originally planned for 600 attendees and received 3,400 instead. While a good problem to have, it almost got the event shut down by the fire marshal. This year, however, the event grew to take over rooms all over the campus. A rough estimate puts this year's attendance at around 5,000.

Chad discusses some of the problems he has faced in bringing this event to reality, as well as how the school did everything in their power to make it easier for him to expand.

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