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501st Legion @ Pinellas Comic & Maker Con

Saturday Oct 17, 2015 (00:16:13)


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In the past few years cosplay has gone from a niche term known mostly within the convention realm to a widely known concept with TV shows dedicated to the topic. A lot of people in the community, like the 3000 Brigade are dedicated to their craft, few are as dedicated as the 501st Legion. This group of Star Wars enthusiasts don't just dedicate their time to making their costumes, they also dedicate their time to charity.

Their costumes are incredibly detailed, needing to conform to the specifications of Lucasfilm and Disney. This is because their members from across the country are invited to march in the Star Wars Weekends parades at Disney's Hollywood Studios - the perfect thing to do in the summer in Florida. During the rest f the year, though, they take their custom costumes to children's hospitals and the like to entertain the kids. It is a great way of combining their own love of the franchise with the ability to cheer up sick kids.

Nick and Daniele spoke with Dylan Scott about the organization, what they do and what it would take for you to get involved.

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