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New Perfect Dark Game

posted Wednesday Oct 17, 2007 by Scott Ertz

It is being rumored that Rare, the UK manufacturer of Viva Pinata, Diddy Kong Racing DS, and many others, is working on a third Perfect Dark game.

For those of you who do not remember, the original Perfect Dark was a fantastic first-person shooter that was a must-have on the N64. We here at PT really hope that this game will be more the the original, and a lot less like the terrible prequel Perfect Dark Zero.


posted Thursday Jun 7, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Adam and I are hoping that this week was not an indication of what is to come. We started our evening getting to the studio a little late, which was ok because everything was setup and ready to go. We got our stuff together, sat down and went to sign into the system, and our router burned up, so goodbye Internet. After rewiring the entire office to get online (still only 5 minutes late at this point), the system wouldn't let us in, because it thought we already were from before the router exploded. Oops. So, we tried to call in instead of using the computer setup, just so we could do the show, but alas, we had the same problem: The moderator is already in the room. So, after fighting with the system for over 30 minutes (now we're closing in on 45 minutes late for a 60 minute show), we decided to give up. Hopefully this week will be A LOT easier than last.

We're live now - Join us!



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