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God of War 3 Coming

posted Saturday Nov 10, 2007 by Scott Ertz

It's official, the PS3 just got a whole lot cooler. Sony Computer Entertainment announced that God of War III is in the works. This will mark Kratos' move to the next gen, and promises incredible graphics and longer gameplay.

There a couple of obstacles to overcome: Cory Barlog, GOW2 game designer and David Jaffe, gaming god, have both left SCEA. Nevertheless, GOW will be anamaing game.

The Time of Your Life

posted Saturday Nov 10, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft, the national PTA and Jerry Rice have teamed up to form some sort of new, boring Justice League.

It has been decided that you cannot play your 360 when you want to. Ha ha ha ha. And, to prevent it, mom and dad can now use the new parental time limit feature to say when you can play.

We here think this could be a good idea for the little ones out there, but not so much for the husband whose wife is trying to talk too much. Here's our suggestion: set the password yourself before they can. Now GO!

Weather at NiGHTS

posted Thursday Nov 8, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Don't you hate when it's raining outside and you have to stay in and play videogames all day? We don't, either. Playing games to avoid the weather is the best part of weather. Now, you won't even be able to do that!

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams says it will be the first game to utilize the Wii weather feature. If it is raining outside in real life, it will be raining in the game. Interesting idea, but not the first. (Grab your copy of Madden if you need proof).

EA Gets Out of Town

posted Thursday Nov 8, 2007 by Scott Ertz

EA Gets Out of Town

EA is closing its Chicago offices. Here's what Frank Gibeau had to say:

Within the EA Games Label, we are committed to running each franchise and facility as a city/state, teams with unique creative identities as well as responsibility for product quality, ship dates and profitability. We recognize that games require large investments and extended development cycles. We're willing to take risks, make long-term investments, and to support teams and individuals between launches. But each team is responsible for staying on a reasonable path to profitability. Sticking to that strategy is what gives us the financial resources and flexibility to take risks on new projects.

Unfortunately, EA Chicago hasn't been able to meet that standard. The location has grown dramatically in the past three years while revenue from the games developed there has not. The number of employees has grown from 49 in 2004 to 146 people currently in the new facility in downtown Chicago. As it stands, EA Chicago has no expectation of hitting our profitability targets until FY2011 or later.

Closing EA Chicago is the toughest decision I've made in my career - one that in no way reflects on the talent and dedication of the people who work there.

Bluckbuster a Bust?

posted Thursday Nov 8, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Bluckbuster a Bust?

When was the last time you walked into a Blockbuster store? I don't remember, either. Well, that attitude has weighed heavily on the once mighty rental giant. Revenues are down 6%, stocks are down over $5, and they have closed 526 stores so far this year.

Nexflix has done quite a number on Blockbuster's bottom line, and it looks like it might be too late for them to do anything about it. Chairman Jim Keyes stated that their attempts to combat the online rental company was one of the largest sources of their loss.

Add to that, we have seen Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery both go the way of the dinosaurs, and all we can guess is Blockbuster will be the next victim of the Netflix empire.

We'll miss you.

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