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More Daredevil and Ghost Rider in the Works

posted Saturday Sep 26, 2009 by Scott Ertz

More Daredevil and Ghost Rider in the Works

Marvel is everywhere these days. Every time we turn around we seem to be talking about another Marvel movie. Iron Man 2 is coming soon, along with several other films in preparation for the Avengers film. Well, here are two unrelated films no one expected to see.

Daredevil, who had a hard go of things in his 2003 film attempt, will be getting a reboot, care of New Regency and Fox. A reboot for this franchise is not a bad idea, as the storyline of Daredevil itself is really interesting and could lend itself to a great motion picture, just not the one they released last time.

Ghost Rider, on the other hand, will be getting a sequel, despite terribly low ratings and a generally unappealing first film, care of Crystal Sky and Columbia Pictures. Nicholas Cage will return and try and salvage the role of Johnny Blaze in a direct storyline continuation to the first film.

Xbox 360 Wireless-N Adapter: The "N" Stands for Not Included

posted Sunday Sep 20, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Xbox 360 Wireless-N Adapter: The

I don't know about you, but on my off-time I like to go hunting through the new FCC patents and exhibits lists. Fun times, right? Normally... no. But this may be good news! I managed to run across an Xbox 360 Wireless-N Adapter! Since the IEEE has now ratified the "N" standard, what better time than now for Microsoft to step in and upgrade some of their accessories?

Granted, you're going to be seeing this at a probable $99 price point to start with, but that means clearance prices for the existing gaming adapters! Hurray for new product! And with this, you can now get as close to wired speeds as possible.

Do you game online with a wireless adapter? Or are you still plugged in via Ethernet? Tell us about it!

West Dubbed a Jackass by Obama: Now THAT'S Presidential!

posted Sunday Sep 20, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

West Dubbed a Jackass by Obama: Now THAT'S Presidential!

America certainly thinks of Kanye West as a jackass after the Video Music Awards last Sunday, and the leader of the country agrees.

Very well known and popular rapper/singer, Kanye West, devastated Taylor Swift, only 19 years old, after winning her first VMA for "Best Female Music Video." It was the moment of a lifetime and she couldn't be more thrilled. As she walked up on stage Swift was enthralled, but halfway through her speech West decided to steal the spotlight.

Kanye marched up on stage and snatched the microphone from Taylor to interject the Beyonce should have won "Best Female Video," which we think is very ironic because she actually won "Best Overall Video." Taylor Swift and all of America were speechless, Beyonce didn't even know what to make of it.

PSP Go Sneak Peek

posted Sunday Sep 20, 2009 by Jon Wurm

PSP Go Sneak Peek

Ross at Engadget is a lucky man for getting his hands on the PSP Go already. The device came fresh out of the box.. Not much else to say except that I'm jealous. I just thought it would be nice to pass it on for those of us excited to get one. I actually thought I had a pre-order for one and ended up not having one (long story) but I'm still going to pick one up to replace my iPod Touch and why not? It plays awesome games, stores music and has twice the memory of the 8GB iPod Touch.

To see the PSP Go Unboxing Video hit the break.

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