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Star Wars: Celebration V - Our Hour with Anthony Daniels

posted Saturday Aug 14, 2010 by Josh Henry

Anthony Daniels is a name that many would and rightfully as should recognize as both the "narrator" and "voice of reason" in the Star Wars saga. Now, as a fan of Star Wars, I have seen countless special features and interviews that all feature Anthony Daniels and believe me when I say that today in the Chapin Theater in the beautiful Orange County Convention Center, I saw something that I never expected.

We all were first introduced to Daniels as C-3PO in the Star Wars films and to this day and probably for the rest of his life, he will continue to be C-3PO thanks to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. I would give you a list of all the movies he has been involved in, but the projects he's been in are almost entirely derived from or relate to Star Wars.

To find out what was so amazing about the event, hit the break.

Star Wars: Celebration V - Midi-chlorians Are In The Air

posted Friday Aug 13, 2010 by Jon Wurm

The atmosphere here at the Orange County Convention Center isn't quite what Josh and I have come to expect from our previous con experience. Of course, there are tons of people here basking in the world of Star Wars. There are plenty of vendors, guests and people in costumes. So what's the difference? The quality of the costumes and the vast knowledge con-goers share is unprecedented. I'm not knocking cosplayers here, but when it comes to taking pride in their appearance and understanding of their characters as well as the roles they play, they got you guys beat. About the only way I can explain it is that there is an overwhelming amount of Midi-chlorians(more than Master Yoda has) and that the Force is here at Celebration V.

There are many people who have found unique ways to express themselves like the many members of R2 - Droid Builders. Josh and I had the pleasure of interviewing a man we know only as Guy and he is certainly passionate about building those lovable R2 units. The skills and monetary investment required to bring R2 to life is crazy. For you C3P0 fans, we did see a few but it's definitely about R2. The amount of detail, creativity, and TLC that goes into making every unit can only be described best by Guy himself. He also tells a neat story about George Lucas stopping by to see their droid creations so be sure to check out our interview that will be posted early next week to get the entire scoop.

For more information about the day, hit the break.

Star Wars: Celebration V - The Film Giant: Warwick Davis!!!!

posted Friday Aug 13, 2010 by Josh Henry

Today, Jon and I got the opportunity to see the one, the only, our little film giant, Warwick Davis. If the name isn't ringing some bells for everyone out there, you may recognize him from films such as, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Willow and a little series called Harry Potter. Ever heard of it? In Star Wars he played a young Ewok named Wicket, in Willow he played Willow, and in Harry Potter he played various roles such as Professor Flitwick, and Griphook.

The person who interviewed both Warwick and Mark Hamil earlier in the day was a man by the name of Jay Laga'aia who starred in films such as Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (I am starting to see a theme here) and some more recent films like Daybreakers, and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.

For more about the interview, hit the break.

StarCraft 2 Sales SkyRocketed in Just 4 Days

posted Friday Aug 13, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

StarCraft 2 Sales SkyRocketed in Just 4 Days

Put all the little problems about no LAN-partying and the inability to zoom out as far as you want aside. The fact is this: StarCraft 2 is an awesome game that has been long overdue! It's been such an anticipated game, in fact, that sales for the title have skyrocketed past any console game. StarCraft 2, the PC game that could, has sold 721,000 units. NCAA Football 11 on both of its platforms combined only reached 692,000.

Here's what's even crazier: those sales numbers only reflect retail copies sold, and not the digital downloads that Blizzard has been pimping out on And to make it even more nuts, the title was released on July 27th and hit these numbers. Just imagine what the 30 day sales figures will be.

More on StarCraft 2 after the break.

Bethesda Is Dropping The Pre-Order Bomb

posted Sunday Aug 8, 2010 by Josh Henry

Fallout 3 was a huge and critical hit for publisher Bethesda Softworks when it was released back in 2008 and if pre-orders are any indication (which they are i.e. CD:MW2) the follow-up Fallout: New Vegas will be an even bigger. According to an article at MCV, Bethesda is saying that pre-orders for the Obsidian Entertainment-developed post-apocalypse RPG are very high.

"How high?", you may ask. Well according to Bethesda's European marketing and PR director Sarah Seaby, "Fallout: New Vegas pre-orders are far outstripping those of Fallout 3." Just to put it into perspective, Bethesda shipped a worldwide total of 4.7 million units of Fallout 3 in 2008. So one can only imagine just how big of a mushroom cloud this game is going to leave in the gaming market but we will just have to wait and see. I just recently traded in my original version of Fallout 3 for the game of the year edition and I still plan on buying Fallout: New Vegas.

NFL to Follow the Other Football: Microchips in Game Balls?

posted Sunday Aug 8, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

NFL to Follow the Other Football: Microchips in Game Balls?

It appears that the NFL and Roger Goodell are finally fed up with bad calls, mundane replay challenges and awful decision making. This week, the NFL has decided to humor the idea of the actual sport of football and possibly decide on inserting microchips into the game balls to determine things like touchdowns and first downs.

Cairos Technologies, a German outfit that's been trying to sell its goal line technology to football bigwigs for a while, has told Reuters that it's in discussions with the NFL about bringing its magnetic field-based technology to the land of the vikings (and, by proxy, the Minnesota Vikings).

We have a video on the technology being used in a FIFA-sanctioned tournament after the break.

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