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CES 2011 - BlackBerry Makes A Power Play With Playbook

posted Sunday Jan 9, 2011 by Jon Wurm

CES 2011 - BlackBerry Makes A Power Play With Playbook

This year the BlackBerry booth didn't have a wide range of selections for us to gawk over but they managed to impress us with their new 7" tablet called the PlayBook. For a long time now BlackBerry users, who are mostly business people, have relied on the stable services and equipment they provide to get things done. What most BlackBerry users can't forget about, because they have never had it, was a sleek and aesthetically appealing user interface to wrap things up in one awesome power tie, power suit, power device type package.

Some of the things that impressed us so much are noticeable right off the bat. For one, the weight distribution was even throughout the device which gave it a nice solid feel in our hands and the functionality didn't end at the edge of the screen area. The PlayBook has a 1" bevel around the screen which has functionality similar to WebOS devices like the Palm Pre. For example, if you place your finger on the bevel above the top-right corner of the screen and slide it down, a little drop-down menu slides down with your finger and displays information like battery life and WiFi connection strength. Likewise, depending on where you slide your finger from the bevel onto the screen certain functions will be available on the full version of the OS. As far as we can tell all parts of the bevel will have some type of functionality.

You want to know more about this device so hit the break.

CES 2011 - Sennheiser Brings Active Noise Cancelling to Earbuds

posted Friday Jan 7, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

CES 2011 - Sennheiser Brings Active Noise Cancelling to Earbuds

Sennheiser, along with making great microphones and headphones that we use every day in our studio, also announced a new array of noise cancelling headphones this week at CES 2011, as part of their mobility line, along with three other lines they showed off today. The difference? They've added digital cancellation features.

Their CXC 700 in-ear travel earbuds have Sennheiser's exclusive NoiseGard /digital system. This enhancement allows you to select one of three noise-cancelling modes that take out different frequency ranges?

How does it all work? Find out after the break.

CES 2011 - GM Makes Us Green With EN-V

posted Friday Jan 7, 2011 by Jon Wurm

CES 2011 - GM Makes Us Green With EN-V

Day 2 of CES was even more mindblowing than the first, which I doubted was even possible. However, I'm okay with being proven wrong, this time by none other than GM. I also don't feel bad because they are pretty intelligent people. There are more automobile companies than ever this year at CES 2011, with Ford, Audi, Hyundai and General Motors just to name a few. All of them showcased their newest and shiniest models for the masses to gawk over but GM certainly has the most unique showing this year out of all the automobile companies and just maybe CES.

To find out how GM made us green with EN-V, hit the break.

CES 2011 - The Swedish Sensations, Fractal Design

posted Thursday Jan 6, 2011 by Jon Wurm

CES 2011 - The Swedish Sensations, Fractal Design

The first day of CES was overwhelming to say the least. We stood in awe of many booths, showcasing many things,

almost all of which were very cool. But the most notable company we encountered today comes to us all the way from Sweden and proved to us yet again they are more than just meatballs.

Fractal Design is a desktop computer case designer that is very well known throughout Eastern Europe, Korea, and Japan. They have traveled to the US in order to take on the sizable task of making a name for themselves here. We had the pleasure of meeting Paul Heimbuch who is the President of Fractal Design North America. He lead Scott, Nick, and myself up to their suite filling us in on some of the details as we went. After being warmly greeted by Hannis, the founder of the company, we had the pleasure of a short media presentation by his associate Yuan which explained to us in greater detail what sets them apart from tons of case designers out there. The presentation was then concluded by Hannis giving us the grand tour of the 3 product lines on display around the suite.

To find out more about some cool cases and accessories you will want to get, hit the break.

CES 2011 - Android Headphones for the Masses

posted Thursday Jan 6, 2011 by Scott Ertz

CES 2011 - Android Headphones for the Masses

CES is always about new and interesting technology and this year is no exception. One piece of truly interesting tech I had the pleasure of experiencing today is the Admiral, a truly wireless all-powerful headset from NOX Audio.

The headset looks similar in style to any Logitech computer headset - that is until you get closer. Upon further inspection you will discover that the Admiral has a retractable microphone, bluetooth, WiFi and a 2.4" touchscreen LCD running Android.

Why is a headset running Android? Hit the break to find out.

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