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Dish Network Blockbuster

posted Saturday Apr 9, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Dish Network Blockbuster

After waiting since its initial bankruptcy filing in November the long wait is over to find out the ultimate destination of Blockbuster Video's auction, and the winner is - Dish Network. Why, you may wonder, would the country's third largest provider of subscription television want to purchase a bankrupt, irrelevant business concept? The answer is branding, of course.

While Blockbuster may not have relevance in the current video-streaming market, it has a name that everyone knows. In addition, the word is synonomous with something large and amazing - the summer blockbuster films. Combine that name with the pure size of Dish Network and you have quite a powerhouse.

However, how might Dish use the Blockbuster name and the existing stores? Hit the break to find out.

Android Shuts Their Formerly Open Door

posted Sunday Apr 3, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Android Shuts Their Formerly Open Door

Google has always been known for starting their projects as open (and in beta) to attract as many people away from the competition as possible. They do this until the product or service gains enough popularity to finally pull the open plug and put the item on a closed circuit. This happened recently with Chrome and their removal of the accepted and soon-to-be standard H.264 support. This week, Google has decided to close up the shop to the public with their Android operating system, citing reasons like fragmentation and confusion on the market. Companies will now have to have their design changes to the OS approved by Google before they will be able to receive Google's latest updates and nod.

Not only did we mention those issues would cause problems for The Goog in the future, we also called it that Google would do this, like they do everything else, in an effort to control everything on the web. Put forth a "people-friendly" front and then lock them into whatever they are using because they made a complete transition seems to be Google's continued M.O. and theme of their business. That and hiring an entire staff to come up with April Fool's Jokes year after year, of course.

This is a huge issue that affects companies ranging from LG, Toshiba, Samsung and HTC to even Facebook. Why? Hit the break to find out.

Countries That Do Not Matter Say the PS3 Is Better

posted Sunday Apr 3, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Countries That Do Not Matter Say the PS3 Is Better

I knew this day would come when some data would surface suggesting that the PS3 has a larger worldwide market share than the Xbox 360 and IDG Strategy Analytics is suggesting just that. The Wii still sits on top with 75.5 million active units worldwide with the PS3 at 43.4 million followed by the Xbox 360's 42.9 million units worldwide at the end of 2010. So who is responsible for this crime against the gaming community? Everyone but the U.S. of course! While the Xbox 360 leads the US, as it should everywhere in the world, the PS3 enjoyed a million unit advantage over the Xbox 360 with 14.7 million to 13.7 million in 2010 and is also ahead in Asia. Strategy Analytics' Digital Consumer Practice analyst Jia Wu said,

While the Kinect peripheral has given a boost to Microsoft's Xbox 360 strategy, the console's performance outside of the U.S. continues to disappoint.

Find out more about this travesty by hitting the break.

Bring Your Girlfriend to the Cloud!

posted Sunday Apr 3, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Bring Your Girlfriend to the Cloud!

Hey, all you Internet people out there. Remember when a judge decided that Facebook friends weren't really your friends? Well the judge never said anything about a Facebook girlfriend not being real! Because of that, company Cloud Girlfriend looks to deliver a girlfriend right to your Facebook page with ease. No social abilities, physical attractiveness or common decency required. Sounds like somebody we know.

For a fee, Cloud Girlfriend will create a Facebook profile of your e-g/f and will write on your wall and appear through various social media outlets. The company has yet to launch officially but has already gained the interest of the web, encouraging users to sign up now to save a spot.

Want to sign up? Did you know Facebook disallows certain ideas like this? Hit the break for more.

April Fools Pranks 2011

posted Sunday Apr 3, 2011 by Scott Ertz

It's that time of year again where the Internet giants pull some of the best jokes out there. This year was no different from past years, with Google leading the way with "product announcements" and "feature enhancements." Here is a list of some of the best pranks of the year.

Virgin Pluto

Virgin Corporation announced that Richard Branson has purchased Pluto. Yes, that's right, the former planet has an owner who plans to return it to planetary status.

Sir Richard Branson is setting his sights on the final frontier in his latest business venture announced today. In a universal first Sir Richard has revealed that he has bought the former planet of Pluto for an undisclosed sum.

Apple Playset

ThinkGeek announced a partnership between Playmobil and Apple to produce an Apple Store Playset, complete with pretentiousness and shininess. According to the site, the product features include:

  • Amazing PLAYMOBIL™ set introduces children to the magic of Apple technology
  • Ground floor of Apple store features product demo tables, software shelves and kids corner
  • Top floor includes Genius Bar and Keynote Theater with mini Steve Jobs figure
  • Purchase the optional Line Pack and stage your own Apple Device launch party!

The only way to really appreciate this and the other pranks is to hit the break and watch some videos.

Nintendo 3DS Makes a Note Here: Huge Success!

posted Sunday Apr 3, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Nintendo 3DS Makes a Note Here: Huge Success!

The Nintendo 3DS hit shelves in the US last week and Allante was able to report on the event from both the retail and analyst side of things. It was very exciting to have one of the devices on our set last week and some of the features are worth spending the money for. So much so, in fact, that day-one sales were record-breaking for Nintendo.

U.S. day-one sales numbers for the Nintendo 3DS were the highest of any Nintendo handheld system in our history.

Nintendo hasn't released official numbers but that first-week sales will be delivered when NPD releases their March report for the industry. The need to play and enjoy 3D content without glasses has definitely gained popularity in recent weeks, and consumers seemed to agree by spending $250 and scooping up these 3DS systems in droves.

We were curious if the 3DS really was successful after seeing them available online and in stores after launch day, but Nintendo claims that they had more than enough product ready for this, unlike during the Wii launch. We were surprised by this considering how little advertisement we saw prior to launch day.

For more on the success, plus news of thinking with an object that alludes to the article title, follow the break.

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