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Samsung Requests to See HTC/Apple Agreement

posted Saturday Nov 17, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Samsung Requests to See HTC/Apple Agreement

Samsung's legal battle with Apple didn't quite go the way they expected, and looks like it might get worse in the future. But wait, what's this? Apple settled their suit with HTC by offering a licensing deal? But they said in the Samsung trial that they do not license their highly specialized patents - the same ones that they settled with HTC to license. That seems to suggest they may have lied to the court in order to cripple Samsung, Apple's biggest competitor.

I am apparently not the only one to think something fishy is going on as Samsung's legal team has filed a formal request to see the license agreement Apple signed with HTC. The deal seems to allow for patent sharing between the companies, including present and future patents, for a period of 10 years. Samsung's legal team is concerned that, among the patents licensed, are for some of those unique patents that Apple claims to never offer licensing. If that is the case, Samsung has enough ammunition to fight off the latest round of suits from Apple, as well as possibly overturn the initial ruling in appeals.

Robert Becher, Samsung's legal representative, said,

As you know, the issue of Apple's willingness to license its patents was briefed in Samsung's opposition to Apple's motion for permanent injunction. This license has direct bearing on the question of irreparable harm and whether monetary remedies are adequate.

Sounds like Samsung wants, not only to get their money back, but to get some of Apple's in return. This case just got a whole lot more interesting, even after a ruling already being handed down. I look forward to seeing how this settles out.

Myspace Launches New Interface - Again

posted Friday Nov 16, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Myspace Launches New Interface - Again

Since its latest purchase last year, we knew an updated Myspace was only a matter of time. After all, Justin Timberlake and Specific Media spent a whole $35 million on the once super-giant social network to snatch it away from News Corp. That has not become a reality... until now.

The company released a preview video, available after the break, to show off the totally revamped site. The new interface, and the new company brand image, is a little retro and a little metro. The company has returned to the 3 little guys (pictured above) in their logo, now long abandoning the terrible my_____ logo that was attempted in the last rebranding effort. Where there are changes, the feeling is intense. Like Sony, Myspace (yes, capital M, lowercase s this time around) has taken a page out of Microsoft's book and fully embraced the Modern UI principles set out in Windows Phone and Windows 8.

In addition to a new, incredibly slick interface (you have to watch the video to believe it), the new Myspace will focus on the thing that always made it the powerhouse it was - music. In face, the music integration on the site is so intense that you can play music from your collection (bands and musicians you follow) right within the site without having to stay on their page. Similar to some other media sites, there is a player bar at the bottom of the page that allows you to continue browsing without losing your music. I wonder which owner's idea that was.

All in all, I'm not sure that even the world's best interface can revive the plummeting marketshare of Myspace, but between privacy disasters and feature revocations on Facebook, maybe the next big thing will be the last big thing.

As I said, you have to see this video - check it out after the break.

Ballmer Shakes Up Microsoft Leadership

posted Friday Nov 16, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Ballmer Shakes Up Microsoft Leadership

Just weeks after Microsoft released Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Surface, along with Windows Server 2012, and a matter of days after Windows Phone 8 officially hit the market, Microsoft has announced that Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows and Windows Live, will be leaving the company effective immediately. In replacement, Tami Reller, Chief Financial and Marketing Officer, will assume business responsibility for the Windows brands.

Veteran Microsoft executive Julie Larson-Green will be assuming responsibility of the brands. She has worked on seemingly every major Microsoft property, including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Most recently, the user experience development and research, as well as program management for Windows 7 and Windows 8 also fell to Larson-Green, so transferring the brands to her is fitting as she has run the product anyway. All of the best parts of Windows 8, such as the new user interface and live tiles, are the result of her research and development, while all of the bad decisions, such as Windows RT vs Windows 8, were that of Sinofsky.

This seems like a good transition for the company, and certainly goes to show that Ballmer is not afraid to cut where he sees problems. Hit the break to see what Ballmer and Sinofsky had to say about the transition.

Skype Preview Available for Windows Phone 8 (and WinPho 7.5)

posted Friday Nov 16, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Skype Preview Available for Windows Phone 8 (and WinPho 7.5)

We knew when Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion that they'd move pretty quickly on implementing their new purchase into the Windows 8 platform. Last week we learned that Microsoft was going to can the Windows Live Messenger brand and bring in Skype in an organized fashion. This week, just over a year after the initial announcement of the acquisition, the Skype Preview is now available on Windows Phone 8.

Microsot says that the free download of only 8MB is strictly a preview release and that "experiences are not final." We have discovered that some features, like getting calls and messages while the app is closed or "minimized" are still being worked on. This rungs true with our own research of the Windows 8 platform and finding out it's not easy for the average developer to accomplish the simple task of running things in the background, so I'm glad to see it is also possibly perplexing the Skype dev team. Microsoft adds that until the app goes from a preview to official launch, that, as with all previews, you may have minor problems, like poor call quality and other random bugs pop up from time to time. From the Skype details page,

NOTE: Some capabilities listed above are work-in-progress and may not function consistently. This includes, but is not limited to: call reliability and the ability to receive incoming calls and chat notifications when outside of the app.

So now that Skype's available, have all my WinPho 8 and WinPho 7.5 (yes, you guys get love from Skype, too) people already downloaded it or did you not have the extra 512MB of memory required for the app because you downloaded too many episodes of F5 Live?

Adam Sessler Finds New Home with Rev3Games

posted Monday Nov 12, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Adam Sessler Finds New Home with Rev3Games

When Adam Sessler left X-play and subsequently G4TV, we knew the station was going to hit a hard downturn. We found out last month that the station was actually going to cancel Attack of the Show and X-Play at the end of the year, and would change the station's focus. Since the departure of Sessler and Kevin Pereira, we wondered what was going to happen to them and the rest of the displaced cast. Today, Adam Sessler answered that question for us in an announcement, press release, blog post and YouTube video.

Sessler has said he is now officially signed onto Revision3 games and will be undertaking the roles of editor-in-chief, executive producer and "man-in-front-of-cameras," as he put it. In the announcement on Rev3's blog, Senior VP of Programming and Production, Ryan Vance, stated his pleasure of bringing Sessler onboard.

I get to greet a brand new era of working with Adam Sessler and officially welcome him to Revision3. I'm beyond excited to have him join the stellar Rev3Games team. Max Scoville, Tara Long, Anthony Carboni and producer Zac Minor have the brand of humor and journalistic integrity that made X-Play great. Now we have the former host of X-play joining us to help guide Rev3Games into the future. I know Adam can't wait to throw himself fully into the online video space and become a leader in this world as he did in the world of traditional television.

For more on this new opportunity for the former X-Play star, continue on after the break.

Spotify Nearing Next Round Funding

posted Sunday Nov 11, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Spotify Nearing Next Round Funding

Ever since Spotify initially launched in the US, they have had a little trouble gaining ground. While I do receive emails every few days that another Facebook friend has joined the service, they have not had a lot of success getting people to pay fir the service, though they do see to inspire users to buy music elsewhere. The goal of monetizing the service has been met with even stiffer competition with the likes of Xbox Music and whatever Apple launches in the aftermath of Ping.

To continue operations, the company has sought another round of funding, this time in the range of $100 million from groups, including Goldman Sachs. This will put the company's valuation somewhere in the $1 billion range, far below their hopes for $4 billion. That is not unexpected, however, in the wake of disasters such as Zynga, Groupon and Facebook. With recent failures like those in your industry, it is always harder to get high valuation.

Despite these issues, Spotify has maintained growth. They currently have 15 million active subscribers in 15 countries, with about a 20% conversion rate to paid membership. Between paid subscriptions and advertising revenue, the company expects to make somewhere in the $900 million range this year. With revenue that high, it would seem the company would be better than ever on its valuation, especially with companies like Square, the mobile payment provider, valued at over $3 billion.

It is an interesting time to be an Internet start-up, with some companies with little to no innovation receiving large capital investments, and others that are wholly innovative receiving significantly less. Spotify will need to find a way to truly differentiate itself from Xbox Music, Apple's coming service, Rdio, Pandora and if they want to compete in the over-crowded marketplace.

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